Notice of Race

Our Next Race ! Saturday 3rd June 2017

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Please see the NOTICE OF RACE in the following link for diagrams referring to race start

Document File: NOTICE OF RACE Scarborough Scamper 1 & 2


Blue Anchorage Luncheon Series


Scarborough Scamper Races 1 & 2

(Saturday 03 June 2017)


The event is deemed Category 5.

Race will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing and AYF Special regulations as defined in AYF INC. Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 – 2016.,Racing_Rules/67/0/



Bribie Island Sailing Club Sailing Instructions 2010 apply and are available on our web site.

Weather condition may require races to be cancelled or date changed at short notice.


Please note: The club rule for the Luncheon Series is:  if the predicted winds are 25 knots or more then the race will be postponed until another date. The sailing committee makes this decision based on the forecast report 0500hrs on the BOM web site.

 Skippers are encouraged to refer to this report so they are aware of the conditions on the day and to see if the race is being held or not.  This warning includes Saturday and Sunday report. If Sunday’s report is over 25knts, the race will be postponed.


Briefing and registration at Bongaree Boat Ramp at 9:00hrs for all participants.


Race Start 10:00





Blue Anchorage Restaurant Luncheon Series – Scarborough Scamper Race 1



Please ensure to sign off with PRO at the completion of the race.


Start Boat Radio Frequencies will be given at the briefing on race day from the PRO.


Course: Course will be from Bribie Island Jetty to Yellow Cardinal mark off bottom end of Bribie(S), over to Deception Bay Red (P),to Yellow Beacon Caboolture River (P) and across to Scarborough Marina Leads (Pass between the yellow cross mark and  the red lead to finish).



NOTE:   All channel markers will be boundaries for the course.





The course will be explained in detail at the briefing prior to commencement of race.


Race Fee: $10 per Race


PRO: Peter Paschke


Below is an informative note on Gate starts for competitors.


Race 2 will be a  repeat the above course starting at the Scarborough Leads to Bongaree Jetty.



Any Questions

Peter Paschke



LT  0.32  10.02am


















The procedure for starting internal club races is to use the modified gate start described below. It ensures that the committee boat starts at the same time as the rest of the fleet and its crew does not have to worry about raising an anchor and sails before starting. In addition, it eliminates the contentious subject of the time allowance claimed by PRO’s getting their boats away after starting a race.

The committee boat will not anchor before the start, but will sail, fully rigged, in the vicinity of the starting point, but on the port hand side of the course, nearest the start. The PRO will signal the 5, 4 and 1 minute warnings as usual. As the start time approaches the committee boat should be on port tack with the aim of passing close by the starting mark (this will be the northern end of Bribie Island Jetty), which will be left to port. The committee boat should pass the mark as the starting signal is given or soon afterwards and continue, close hauled, on port tack until rest of the fleet has started. In case of North or N/E winds, the start boat will be on a Starboard tack.

If necessary, the committee boat can use her engine to reach the mark in time but must switch it off as she passes it by. 










Before the start, the rest of the fleet will congregate on the starboard side of the course, to starboard of the committee boat’s anticipated track. As the latter proceeds, competing boats start by sailing, on starboard tack, across an imaginary line between the stern of the committee boat and the Starting Mark. The committee boat has all rights over all other competitors, even if she is on a port tack until the starting procedure is complete. Hindering the progress of the committee during the starting procedure will result in disqualification. 

Any boat finding herself on the ‘wrong’ side of the committee boat’s path at the starting gun will be considered to have made a false start. To rectify this she should go round the Starting Mark to port before proceeding. 












Once the PRO considers that all competitors have had a reasonable opportunity to start he should give one more sound signal to indicate that the starting procedure is complete. At this point he/she will be subject to the normal racing rules. 

Competitors arriving late for the starting signal can start their race by passing the starting mark to port and proceeding to the 1st mark as usual. 
Kindly note that the committee boat’s start is not delayed under this procedure. Therefore the PRO cannot claim any time allowance for starting the race